For Support Organizations Wanting our Tools

Owners, Directors and Managers will find what they need from Full Life Programs.  They will learn strategies for streamlining patient care and delivering the Person Centered approach.  They know that this is what residents, families and state agencies want.  We will provide that in our seminar Re-Vision: Seeing the Dementia Patient with a New Perspective.

We will add Caregiver Training for Senior Foster Care Residences: Practical Applications for Person Centered Engagement to Simplify your World and Satisfy those you Serve in 2015.  We expect to offer this through Area Agencies on Aging.  This training series will be designed to fulfill training requirements for certification by state agencies. It will include hands-on activities, printed materials, group exercises, and written exercises.  Follow up training will serve to anchor the learning and provide opportunities for questions that arise as staff make use of the new skills.

This training will be most effective when owners and directors have engaged in our Re-Vision seminar.


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